Head + heart = Art

What I learned from asking my students what a great art teacher could best be described as is that they want their voice to be heard. They want what’s important to them to be explored and shared in their art. They want the creative licenses to bring their own identity to their work. They want to explore and discover new techniques and mediums. They want the art room to a safe and fair place. Students  want to feel good about their work and they want to be pushed, they seem to want to work through new things and build off of old. They want demonstrations that get across  what is expected of them in the lesson. I felt like students were hitting on all the areas that make a wonderful teacher. Answering this questions, students were assertive, and passionate. I also felt like this question brought students together, hearing other students answering the questions, I was hearing things like “oh yeah that’s important too” They really all shared so many of the same points and were able to build off of one another


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