A great art teacher could be best described as someone who..

  • Allows for freedom in the assignment while still giving guidelines
  • Makes learning fun, engages students
  • Cares about students
  • Understands vision before seeing it
  • Encourages individuality
  • Works with the student and listens
  • Fun sense of humor
  • Open mind
  • Helps students
  • Mix media
  • Grades according to assessment

I wish I had done this the first day of school, listening to what students had to say, What was important to their learning really inspired me. I felt students were opening up and I was building relationships with them. I was able to learn what it is most important to them and in ways that became what was most important to me. I was also learning how my students learn. One boy told me in our conversation that he was a cake decorator. This was helpful to know this about that student. If I were the teacher I would want to bring the artist Wayne Thiebaud into a lesson. The more I got to know about my students the more I saw the passion. They loved answering this question and voicing their ideas. Even students who had said nothing at first chimed in later to voice their ideas.



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