Teaching Philosophy

Philosophy on Education

“Education is a social process; education is growth; education is not preparation for life but is life itself.” I start with this quote by John Dewey because I believe my role as an educator is to instill a love of learning. My teaching philosophy is based on this belief that the best lessons give students a voice and the creative licenses to express who they are. I believe the art room should provide students the time to take risk, experiment, and play. As an educator, I want to provide lessons that allow student to explore and experiment with ideas and mediums, lessons that allow students to use art as a means to create change.

As an educator, I want to show my students lessons that explore contemporary artists.  I want them to be able to see that art can be taken further then the classroom. By showing students a variety of different artists I can better meet the needs of different students. Allow them to engage in issues of importance, and feel a part of something bigger then themselves. The art room provides students a place to explore and appreciate individuality and see and accept differences. It teaches them that in art there is no right or wrong answers.

The importance of being a practicing artist allows me to see my teaching as fluid and open to change. It is my belief that the more I learn about myself as an artist the more I learn about myself as an educator. This continuous process provides for my role as a life-long learner, reflector, collector and researcher. Through my teaching I will create lessons that instill the belief that learning doesn’t end when they leave the classroom. I will do this by incorporating the use of technology into lessons. In addition, I will connect art projects to lessons students are learning in their core classrooms. I will do this by making myself a visible figure in the school community. Through collaboration and interdisciplinary connections students’ learning becomes enhanced and enriched. As an art advocate, I will work to insure my students work is always shown in and around the school community.

The art room is a place for students to explore big ideas, work together, learn to see things from a different perspective, and problem solve. I believe lessons should be relevant to student’s lives. As an educator, I want to show students what’s important to them is important to me.  I will do this by differentiating instruction and taking from a place of importance and relevance. In my own practice, I like to start each day with an engaging hook to keep my students motivated and engaged. Through my teaching I will build a community within the art room that fosters feeling of trust and respect. As an educator, I will be a listener of my student’s thoughts and a motivator of their learning.

I believe the greatest gifts are the relationships we as teachers build with our students. I want to create an art room that fosters creativity, respect, and collaboration. Allow students to feel comfortable talking about, and engaging in conversation about art. Through my teaching I will allow time for students to work together and build concepts and feeling of community. As an educator, I want students to understand the importance of empathy and the beautiful place it can be found and explored within the art room. As an art educator, I will work to ensure that my student’s voices are always heard and that their art is always seen and celebrated.


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