ART is a journey

Reflecting on my second to last week at Hamburg middle school this experience getting to know my students and being a part of the community at Hamburg has been one that I will never forget.  I woke up every day happy to know I love what I do and am able to make a difference in my student’s lives. I have seen such great strides in myself through these last 6 weeks.  I walked into this experience timid and unsure of what would become of this experience, worried I wouldn’t be able to be great at what I do, I feel I am walking out of my first placement with confidence and a greater love and appreciation for teaching. There is truly no better gift then to be able to reach someone through the arts. The transition from student to teacher came so naturally. Students listened, trusted and respected me. It made me want to create better lessons and provide for more inquiry, planning and thinking. The community at Hamburg Middle school made me look forward to the day that I have my own classroom. I am better able to answer that question “what makes an effective lesson” I was able to see my lessons connect with my students. I was able to see student’s successes and work through difficulties. I was able to see student engage in art making and meaning.


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