Key thoughts

I have learned/ developed these KEY thoughts:

–          The importance of activities that engage/ get students thinking

–          How wonderings can turn into beautiful gifts that can inspire a lesson or idea/thought

–          Importance of updating and keeping lessons current

–          The impact being a working artist will have on my teaching learning

–          Always be a reflector, researcher, explorer, discoverer

–          Allow for student access to artist and research

–          Having a place for students to explore artist. A variety of book and resources

–          How classroom management is key to the success and dynamics of the classroom

–          The gifts that come from getting to know your students and what’s important to them.

–          How much I love talking about art and seeing students explore ideas and concepts with their own artistic liberties and freedom of expression

–          How important it is to get students working together building concepts of community and understandings of one another

–          How important empathy is and the beautiful place it can be found and explored within the art room

–          How I can better direct students in helping them meet their needs

–          How to be flexible


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