Alter Ideas and you alter the world.

I have noticed with one of my classes in early field, a boy who always goes above and beyond the criteria for the lesson, altering it in a way that best suits his needs. I love when I see a student take ownership over a project. When they go beyond what’s simply asked or expected of them. Everyone always seems so interested in what the students doing. This is something I want in my classroom. I want more lessons that allow students to take their art and make it work to meet their own needs. I want to notice things about my students like, the group of boys who sit in the front of the room and talk about graffiti. I want to take this knowledge and create a lesson that deals with why graffiti is done, artist who create work that confronts these ideas, and their messages. I truly believe that if we had a class conversation about this topic those students faces would light up, They would have so much to say and contribute.


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