seeing breakthroughs in teaching

Some of the best moments in my teaching were the moments I was able to see breakthroughs in students learning, a student feeling proud of their project (working from I can’t do this to look I can) moments I was able to focus the class or get them to think critically about something, Listening to them was the greatest gift. Seeing them able to connect their lives to their art was so powerful. Just this Friday when I was introducing a lesson on Paul Klee one of my 6th grade students Nora was thinking so critically about the questions I was asking and giving such great answers. The dialog I was having with these students lasted all class which I didn’t plan for but welcomed because students were thinking and engaged in what they were talking about.  I felt breakthroughs happening with these students. I had students that didn’t normally talk answering questions and I thought this was powerful. Listening and giving my students voices has been one of the most crystallizing moments in this experience for me. Connecting lessons with my students lives and showing students the importance of art has been a gift.


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